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ColorWise Magazine is a a social commentary magazine which seeks to promote consciousness by advocating social enlightenment. Our writers post intellectual and personal articles on a variety of subjects, such as philosophy, ethics, media psychology, beauty, poetry and social issues. You can follow us on Facebook and Twitter (@colorwisemag).
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This is 21

By Alex B. Hall I’m at the cusp of a bright(er) future. I am approaching the pinnacle of personal enlightenment, evolution, and, some might say, experience. I am sure to face days of heartbreak, hilarity, and happiness. I am twenty plus one and best described by the term “Young Adult,” a befitting paradox that encapsulates … Continue reading

Battle Anthem ft. Clams Casino ‘Gorilla’ by Beejé

Rockin’ out and freestylin’ to Clammy Clams