Mike Friedman

I am a student in New York City, currently pursuing a masters in Social-Organizational Psychology at Teachers College, Columbia University. I am deeply passionate about psychology and very much interested in starting a business, and that is what drove me to pick up from Florida and begin studying in the greatest city on earth! I am forever a student and I am searching for an opportunity to practice my knowledge in an application setting. I am ready to activate my full potential for an employer that is interested in tapping my potential or working together with people that share my vision for a productive and engaging work setting!
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Flowmotion Soundz ft. Com Truise ‘Fairlight’



Some days I will forget what my shirt says when I am walking around my neighborhood.  It is just a T-shirt with an emblem on it… well actually, I end up understanding completely when people read “Don’t Trust Anyone.”  Their eyes raise slowly from my chest to my smiling face. I feel split over the … Continue reading

Our Time is Now

It is every day now, that I think about what is going on in this world today.  The things everyone complains about.  They all are the blooms of established culture and humans have been the gardeners.  We stand here so helpless and quick to keep walking from a nudge.  Every day I wonder when our … Continue reading

Reconsidering the End

I remember some of my childish visions for what the future would look like.  The future was all about new technology and number one on my list of future technologies were flying cars.  I always wanted to fly over traffic on long highway rides.  The future used to be something exciting, and filled with whirling … Continue reading