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Do Interracial Couples ‘Match?’

As I spoke with a friend the other day, we discussed the politics of interracial dating.  There is this funny thing called ‘matching’ when it comes to couples.  For example, if a white man is with a girl of color, I have heard people say “they don’t match,” or “she is pretty, they look good … Continue reading

A Civil War

When the term civil war is spoken, it often strikes a harsh nerve, mainly because of its negative connotation in history; a civil war is generally known as a high-intensity conflict involving people of the same background. This definition is true, but a civil war can also occur inside a person’s soul, causing damaging internal … Continue reading

Selling Out: Accusation or Reality?

  In ‘The Negro in Brazilian Society,’  Fernandes writes, “those [Negros and mulattoes] who had the satisfaction of success through their own efforts or with the aid of whites felt no moral obligation toward the masses of their colleagues who lived in the greatest poverty and degradation” (Fernandes, 44).  The lack of “moral obligation” that privileged Negros … Continue reading

The Colorblind Myth

“O mytho é o nada que é tudo O mesmo sol que abre os céus É um mytho brilhante e mudo…” “Myth is the nought that means all. The very sun that opens up the sky Is a bright and silent myth…” -Fernando Pessoa No one is free of racial prejudice–not you, not me, and, certainly, not my mother. Born in the … Continue reading

What’s the Big Deal?

Some of us may have read the biggest news to hit Facebook last Fall, but for those of you who are behind in your Facebook stalking or have simply forgot, I am refering to the story about a ‘white’ brother and a ‘black’ brother both born to the same parents in England.  The story essentially … Continue reading