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In search of meaning, we travel our lives contemplating the shifting images of our mirrored selves— choosing which survives. And development is an obsession— teleological and somewhat vague— as we choose between the past and present with aim for the future standard set by the anonymous unanimous. Yet!— That changes every ten to twenty years. … Continue reading

Unlocked Ignorance

Vigilante for the blackened soul So dark, so light How can this be? Eradicating everything hidden away Jaded work is ruined Escalating pain quickens Does it ever end? Compulsion, lies, fever Overheating the naive heart to the fullist Why? Nothing remotely worth answering Is ever found No fake goodbye is necessary Only a funeral For … Continue reading


Some days I will forget what my shirt says when I am walking around my neighborhood.  It is just a T-shirt with an emblem on it… well actually, I end up understanding completely when people read “Don’t Trust Anyone.”  Their eyes raise slowly from my chest to my smiling face. I feel split over the … Continue reading

It’s Time

Being alone is a state of being A mind journey, twisting and pulling Blackening the face of even the brightest Cutting off the purple veins of grace Does it feel good? To feel this way, so far away? A simple answer can not be found A simple gester has fallen down It’s Over And here … Continue reading

Jaded Mind

Velvet quiet smog encompasses A deep, cool place yearning, calling Pull away flesh from this dreadful place Every preceding ounce relying on a placate touch A smooth, warm grasp Holding, pulling forth the shadowy heart in entirety Blow away the dreary smoke, calmness cries Why doth it ache so? Combusting into ashes like a scared … Continue reading