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This is 21

By Alex B. Hall I’m at the cusp of a bright(er) future. I am approaching the pinnacle of personal enlightenment, evolution, and, some might say, experience. I am sure to face days of heartbreak, hilarity, and happiness. I am twenty plus one and best described by the term “Young Adult,” a befitting paradox that encapsulates … Continue reading

Baby by Beejé

Jaded Mind

Velvet quiet smog encompasses A deep, cool place yearning, calling Pull away flesh from this dreadful place Every preceding ounce relying on a placate touch A smooth, warm grasp Holding, pulling forth the shadowy heart in entirety Blow away the dreary smoke, calmness cries Why doth it ache so? Combusting into ashes like a scared … Continue reading


Walking away is the first step they say So close, the personal inside is gone It doesnt make any sense Developing, Deepening the hold Engulfing every fragile inch Standing still, here now Watching as the stirring effects take hold Cursing every piece of solitude Nothing will remain Nothing will stay the same Rotting takes place … Continue reading

Yo Love

Well now  Watching, seeing, touching,  Immeasurable beings exchanging everything  Bleakly____With a quick, pristine glance  Red Noting twists, turns, jolted excursions  Crimson obsession calling, wanting, begging  Infinite aficionada  Eternal aficionado  Desolate____Green  Yo love, so swift and dreary  Entice me falsely  Pledge beauty  Give me death