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The Roses of Life

Every rose has to die Even if that death seems to soon We cannot decide who is to die Who is to believe, who is to trust Petals may fall But all we can do is wait For them to fly And if that flight never comes to pass Perhaps that rose As red as … Continue reading

Unlocked Ignorance

Vigilante for the blackened soul So dark, so light How can this be? Eradicating everything hidden away Jaded work is ruined Escalating pain quickens Does it ever end? Compulsion, lies, fever Overheating the naive heart to the fullist Why? Nothing remotely worth answering Is ever found No fake goodbye is necessary Only a funeral For … Continue reading

Jaded Mind

Velvet quiet smog encompasses A deep, cool place yearning, calling Pull away flesh from this dreadful place Every preceding ounce relying on a placate touch A smooth, warm grasp Holding, pulling forth the shadowy heart in entirety Blow away the dreary smoke, calmness cries Why doth it ache so? Combusting into ashes like a scared … Continue reading

Do Interracial Couples ‘Match?’

As I spoke with a friend the other day, we discussed the politics of interracial dating. ¬†There is this funny thing called ‘matching’ when it comes to couples. ¬†For example, if a white man is with a girl of color, I have heard people say “they don’t match,” or “she is pretty, they look good … Continue reading