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Yo Love

Well now  Watching, seeing, touching,  Immeasurable beings exchanging everything  Bleakly____With a quick, pristine glance  Red Noting twists, turns, jolted excursions  Crimson obsession calling, wanting, begging  Infinite aficionada  Eternal aficionado  Desolate____Green  Yo love, so swift and dreary  Entice me falsely  Pledge beauty  Give me death  Advertisements

Do Interracial Couples ‘Match?’

As I spoke with a friend the other day, we discussed the politics of interracial dating.  There is this funny thing called ‘matching’ when it comes to couples.  For example, if a white man is with a girl of color, I have heard people say “they don’t match,” or “she is pretty, they look good … Continue reading