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This is 21

By Alex B. Hall I’m at the cusp of a bright(er) future. I am approaching the pinnacle of personal enlightenment, evolution, and, some might say, experience. I am sure to face days of heartbreak, hilarity, and happiness. I am twenty plus one and best described by the term “Young Adult,” a befitting paradox that encapsulates … Continue reading

The Eye of Beauty

What is Beauty? A heart calls and saddens An image rises and falls An eye looks yonder Searching for that true exquisite perfection Where is beauty? In the eye of those who seeketh it? Can love covereth the soul, but not embrace the face? Tears fall. Trembling down a wall stiff with agony Smiles arise … Continue reading

Favelas: Cultural Otherness and the Perpetuation of Exclusionary Public Policy

In Favela:  Four Decades of Living on the Edge in Rio de Janeiro, Janice Perlman dedicates an entire chapter to deconstructing the importance of personhood in regards to people dwelling in the favelas.  Perlman begins chapter twelve by suggesting that favelados are aware of their secondary place in society and in some cases actively try … Continue reading