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In search of meaning, we travel our lives contemplating the shifting images of our mirrored selves— choosing which survives. And development is an obsession— teleological and somewhat vague— as we choose between the past and present with aim for the future standard set by the anonymous unanimous. Yet!— That changes every ten to twenty years. … Continue reading

Church Memories

Red– the color of blood fresh and glittering in the sun or the color of bright red ruby nail polish– was the color of the carpet that covered the floors, the fabric that covered the pews, the chairs, the altar. The blood was everywhere– you walked on it, you sat on it, you saw it, … Continue reading

The Colorblind Myth

“O mytho é o nada que é tudo O mesmo sol que abre os céus É um mytho brilhante e mudo…” “Myth is the nought that means all. The very sun that opens up the sky Is a bright and silent myth…” -Fernando Pessoa No one is free of racial prejudice–not you, not me, and, certainly, not my mother. Born in the … Continue reading