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Social Issues


Some days I will forget what my shirt says when I am walking around my neighborhood.  It is just a T-shirt with an emblem on it… well actually, I end up understanding completely when people read “Don’t Trust Anyone.”  Their eyes raise slowly from my chest to my smiling face.

I feel split over the message I send out with it, I will think to myself, “If no one trusts anyone, then how will anything get done?  And if people automatically have doubt, would that not lead to negative repercussions in society?”  Have I become everything I hate?

I do not think I have, in fact, I think that if everyone stopped accepting the bullshit we constantly force down each other’s throats, then maybe the world would improve.  I understand this may sound a bit shocking. But the truth is, we operate on faith too much if we do not look further into life; including interactions with others.  I can honestly say, I do live in a falsified universe.  One that I create daily.  I do not know everyone’s life.  I do not know what another has been through.  And I have given up trying to broaden my knowledge in an attempt to understand perspective.  It is a flavor I have never tasted.  I have no words for another’s perspective.  That is why I do not lie to myself and half-heartedly deceive my senses by filling in blanks that people leave.

I keep a positive demeanor.  I greet others with grace and I withhold accusations. I never assume I know a person at all until I know them well.  This is what those honorable qualities are made of:  loyalty, honesty, fraternity.  Things like this cannot exist if you pay no attention to the quality of interactions and their true meanings.

Back on the street, I am still walking with my tee, leaving questions where I trek.  I will not pretend that asking questions is wrong, and I will not throw in the towel on humanity.


About Mike Friedman

I am a student in New York City, currently pursuing a masters in Social-Organizational Psychology at Teachers College, Columbia University. I am deeply passionate about psychology and very much interested in starting a business, and that is what drove me to pick up from Florida and begin studying in the greatest city on earth! I am forever a student and I am searching for an opportunity to practice my knowledge in an application setting. I am ready to activate my full potential for an employer that is interested in tapping my potential or working together with people that share my vision for a productive and engaging work setting!


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